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Make an impact on students’ lives not just locally, but globally

At UCS, we work with the brightest minds of China’s up-and-coming generation – helping mold new classes of open-minded, curious and talented young individuals to join the global community. You, too, can help make these students’ dreams become realities as you foster a fun and engaging learning atmosphere alongside your educational peers.

Support and Growth -- Together

I believe that teaching and learning is a journey. Over my considerable time here I have been lucky to teach with many serious professionals who have always been very supportive of my professional development. I have been lucky to see how the school itself has developed in recent years and it is a pleasure to travel on this journey at such as supportive school as UCS.


Sean Geeling

Department Coordinator


We here at UCS value continuing professional development, helping support each other in progressing our careers while developing lifelong friendships along the way. We are China’s first Cambridge Assessment of International Education (CAIE) Professional Development Qualification (PDQ) center, providing training and certification that is recognized the world over. 

CAIE Best performance PDQ Center

Beyond just training, though, we also believe in everyone maintaining a strong work-life balance. Throughout the year we not only engage with our students through fun activities such as Halloween costume contests, singing contests and talent shows, but also regularly engage in team building and other activities for both you and your family! 


A Management Team Built for You

Our teacher-centered leadership is here for you year-round to help support you and your family. In addition to a competitive teacher salary alongside fantastic settlement support for new teachers looking to join our team we also provide facilities, digital tools and other resources to help you settle in and provide the best classes with the least stress possible.


With great tools at your disposal and full access to our school facilities, you will truly feel like UCS is your “home away from home” so you can focus your energy on your students – not worrying about new policies and procedures that may hinder rather than help your ability to provide a quality education.