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Research & Innovation

At Ulink we believe research can provide the evidence-based insights necessary for informed decision-making. As good educators we want to know that what we do is based on the best available evidence. 

Research in education can, however, be difficult to do well, and there are many examples of theories or trends in education ‘based on research’ that become outdated quickly. 

At Ulink we are committed to developing a culture of ongoing improvement on an individual and whole-school level. We strive to be professional and base what we do on what really works. As such, we have a Research Hub that creates a ‘space’ at Ulink for research in education to take place.

Types of Research we support:


The school will provide funding for teachers who want to investigate education related ideas and create a positive impact on education through engagement with ideas. Successful research will provide practical knowledge that the whole school can benefit from, improving the school’s systems and methods. 

Teachers will develop hard skills regarding the scientific method of enquiry and research and report writing skills. 

As a final outcome the school will inherit a faculty of teachers who are open to new ideas, and who can overcome challenges. The school also receives policies, programmes and working methods that benefit and develop our overall approach.