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Teaching Standards

Ulink employs both local teachers and teachers from over twenty different foreign countries. As such, we do not take the view that any one culture or national system has the correct method of instruction. Successful Ulink teachers use a variety of methods and ensure that strategies are selected to suit the needs of the learners in our specific context.

We expect our teachers to have mastered the fundamental skills of a teacher and have clear routines and expectations. Beyond that, good teaching is evaluated in the lesson, and there is no expectation that a specific method is used, so long as the strategy successfully fulfills the lesson objectives. 

When we ask our students about our teachers, the most frequent comments about successful teachers are:

“They are dedicated and caring.”

“They are able to deliver lesson content clearly.”

“They make efforts to provide interesting lessons with engaging activities.”

We monitor teaching standards through our performance management policy and encourage reflection and development. All teachers have access to our PD programmes have a generous personal PD budget to spend on their own priorities. 

At all points teachers are expected meet our six teaching standards:

teaching standards

When a teacher fails to meet these standards we provide rapid support to ensure the teacher is soon performing to expectations.