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About Us

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Ulink is a highly selective private school that offers programmes to Chinese students wishing to attend university abroad. We currently have 1600 students on our roll and employ 160 teachers. 

We offer IG, A Level and IB, and each year the great majority of our students are accepted into leading British universities, with many also going to Hong Kong, Canada and the USA.  

A typical Ulink student applies to join us after leaving the compulsory section of the Chinese system at the end of Year 9. Our school is heavily over-subscribed, and our students undergo rigorous testing to receive an offer from our school. Typically, for every ten applicants, only one will be successful. 

The school is highly academic, and we are proud of our reputation as one of the leading schools for university placements not just in Shanghai, but in China. 

Beyond our academic achievements we are dedicated to whole-student development through a broad curriculum and an extensive co-curricular programme. We have excellent student counselling services and a full calendar of lectures, competitions, sporting and social events. 

We value the welfare and development of our teachers, and our school’s pastoral and academic services focus on their professional needs. We have a reputation for teacher development and have both internal and external PD programmes to ensure our teachers reach their potential. We recognise that IT, classroom facilities and other resources should be tailored to teacher’s needs to we ensure our teachers are able to focus on teaching with minimal distractions. 

Despite our many achievements we are always looking to improve. The school recently embraced an innovative organisational structure that focuses resources on teachers, departments and year groups. School leaders are expected to serve the interests of the core of the school and are evaluated annually on this basis. We have also established a Research Hub within the school, and teachers and staff are encouraged to do paid research projects that help the school innovate and improve.

Overall, at Ulink our aim is not just to be a great school, but also to make a great contribution to society through the recognition of our methods and the legacy of our globally-minded students.

We aim to live up to our mission ‘Beyond east or west, for all humanity’.