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Academic Results

Ulink College of Shanghai supports students to learn and apply to the higher education institutions of their dreams, and each year the great majority of our students are accepted into leading universities across the world because of their outstanding academic performance, unique personal stories and strong motivation to pursue knowledge in their chosen fields.


Placement results of the Class of 2023:

2005-23 Placement Stats

CAIE Awards:

2023 CAIE award

Every year, UCS students participate in the CAIE international exams, and some of them win the “Top in the world” and “Top in China” in the subjects they specialize in. These awards not only prove the students’ hard work academic ability but also speak loudly for the education quality at UCS.

Below is a list of awards our students received in the past three years.

CAIE AwardSubjectRecipients
Top in the World (2023)AS Further MathematicsMao Boyu
Top in China (2023)AS AccountingZhou Yujie
Top In The World (2022)AS MathematicsWu Huijie
Top in China (2022) AS Further MathematicsZhong Yixuan
Top In The World (2020)AS MathematicsYang Jiaxuan
Top in China (2020)AS Computer Science Chen Xiang
Top in China (2020)IG EconomicsChen Nirong
Top in China (2020)IG PhysicsCao Hantian