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Message from the Principal


Dear students, parents and teachers,

As the Principal of the school, creating an environment conducive to the fulfillment of each student's and teacher's potential is of utmost significance to me. We are committed to providing a comprehensive and in-depth educational experience, encompassing a diverse array of academic subjects and extracurricular pursuits such as sports, arts, service, and leadership. Our commitment to prioritizing students is evident in every decision we make, aiming to nurture their well-being and holistic development as individuals.

Since 2004, Ulink College of Shanghai has emerged as a prominent international school in Eastern China, renowned for its academic standing. With a history spanning over 20 years of providing IGCSE and ALEVEL programs, we have consistently demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and high standards. More importantly, our dedication to student well-being remains unwavering. As educators, we actively encourage students to cultivate their talents and interests, fostering a sincere and intrinsic love for learning. We hope this balance will allow them to mentally and physically strong and kind people who make positive contributions to society. We aim to live up to our mission: Beyond East or West, for all humanity. 

Our students enroll in top-tier universities worldwide, spanning the UK, US, Europe, Asia, Canada, and beyond. Upon leaving the school, they embark on diverse academic journeys, pursuing degrees across a broad spectrum of subjects in some of the world's most esteemed institutions, including Oxbridge and top U.S. universities. The pride we feel for our alumni network is immense, as many actively maintain connections, returning to offer guidance and support to current students during their preparation and application processes.

Yet, in my perspective, the core strength of Ulink is our diverse community and our commitment to teamwork, professionalism and diversity. Amidst formidable global circumstances, our unity has grown stronger as we creatively navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities together.

I invite you to visit us and learn more about the opportunity to grow and learn as a student, a parent or a fellow educator. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

Yours faithfully

Principal Xun'an Liang