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Student Development

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At Ulink we believe that the ultimate goal of education is not the number of offer letters our students receive from high-ranking universities but mindsets and transferable skills they can bring with them to make responsible life decisions and achieve personal life goals after they leave school. 

This means we invest a great deal of internal resources into Social and Emotional Learning opportunities for our students to help them learn the attitude, knowledge and skills to 

  1. understand and manage emotions, 

  2. set and achieve positive goals, 

  3. feel and show empathy for others,

  4. establish and maintain positive relationships

  5. make responsible decisions. 

To achieve these non-academic education outcomes, we embed our teaching and guidance in four ways:

Explicit Instruction

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At Ulink, new students are required to take PSHE offered by PE teachers. PSHE is a subject in the UK that is non compulsory but a strong correlation to health, happiness and safeguarding within school as well as higher levels of attainment.

All students must attend lecture series offered by the School Counseling Office. Topics include personal mental wellbeing, peer relationships, anti-bullying, teacher-student relationships, communication skills, learning strategies and stress-relief skills. 

Student Voice and Engagement


Ulink students are invited to play an active role in shaping the school’s policies. Students from each year group can form a committee to meet and discuss their opinions and suggestions for the school. 

Student Leadership Team is the largest student organization on campus, and they are behind a wide range of student-led events and programs, such as the annual Talent Show, Halloween Party, the Voice of Ulink and more.

Supportive Discipline & Rewards


Maintaining a positive, conducive learning environment for all students and teachers is a priority for the school management team. Over the years Ulink has developed a discipline policy that outlines unacceptable behaviors and corresponding consequences. However, our belief is that these regulations are instrumental by nature; they are the means not the end to education. So when students find themselves at odds with school policies, they are always given opportunities to reflect, solve the problem and restore relationships. Likewise when students are doing well, we use a rewards system to make sure this is recognised. 

Authentic Family Partnerships


The school has developed multiple avenues for communications and partnerships with families since the founding of the school. Some examples include:

  • Parent Consultation Days held twice a semester

  • Parenting Lectures held once a month on topics like parenting adolescents, how to talk about sex and relationships, supportive family dynamics, etc.

  • Events where family members may attend

  • Parents also elect Parent Representatives to form the Parents’ Committee to contribute to the school.